the lost and forgotten

This collection of photographs represent Wes Underwood’s fifteen-year quest to record lost and forgotten cemeteries and graves.


He has traveled more than 30,000 miles throughout Texas and the southwestern United States to capture more than 20,000 images in over 500
cemeteries and continues to add to it each year.

“I enjoy the history of the cemeteries, and the stories of the people who are buried there,” he said. “I feel the need to tell their untold stories to others.”

He is always on the look out for more to photograph. After being featured on Texas Country Reporter with Bob Phillips in 2010, tips on sites around the country started flowing in. The tips he has gotten from friends and strangers have taken him all across the United States. Underwood’s love for the outdoors comes through very clear in the type of photography that he does, as an avid outdoorsman he finds no greater pleasure then to be on a site to shoot as the sun breaks in the morning or sets in the evening.

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