Sat, May 04 | Location is TBD

Fandango 13

Daytrips with photographers and models capturing images of landscapes, models, and starscapes from before sunrise to after sunset.
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Fandango 13

Time & Location

May 04, 2019, 6:00 AM
Location is TBD

About The Event

What is Fandango, you ask? Well, the multifaceted Fandango means a ton to me.

Thanks to Wes Underwood and his love and passion for photography, I’ve grown and continue to learn.

My 1st class with Wes, the 1st Fandango I attended... fertilized my desire and passion to learn more about portrait work.

I had always been a sports shooter.

But Fandango has connected me with cool cats like - Joe Baker. Who has also stretched me as a photographer. Tom Heisey has a corner of photography that is simply amazing. I just look at his knowledge and passion for photography, wildlife and astrology. Mind blowing! I want to have that type dedication to my piece and place in photography!

Fandango is a roots based trip. Upfront, you’re not always real sure the value of something. The value of Fandango isn’t the perfect image or pose... not the perfect location or weather... not the perfect balance of ambient light and artificial light...

Fandango is about much more than one particular aspect of photography.

It’s about Communion.

About people with likeminded ideas, themes, desires and the willingness to explore, reach out to each other. People who want more and are willing to sacrifice for that extra inch! The little thing that helps them be better than they were yesterday...

You see, Fandango brings us all together - we rush around for 12 to 14 hours while meeting new faces, talking, learning, collaborating, eating, more driving, outfit changes, takes and re-takes, swamping equipment, getting contact info, sharing social media profiles, learning about each other’s background, learning something about yourself!

Oh, and at the end day... after you get home - get unpacked - shower - sit in front of your computer - download your images - you sit and your mind begins to wander... you find yourself back in those moments when each image was captured - the moments, conversations, the ideas, the model, what you and they talked about, their desires and direction in life...

As you recount the day with each image you took and conversation you had... you realize in that moment... Fandango was one heck of a ride and worth the preparation and sacrifice.

That, my friends, is FANDANGO!

-Brent Rose (B. Rose Photos)

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